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EDP Soccer Acquires International Sporting Events (iSE)


EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ (January 11, 2022) — EDP Soccer, the leading provider of large-scale youth soccer tournaments and showcases in the East, has acquired International Sporting Events (iSE), which specializes in developing and managing youth soccer tournaments at smaller venues.

Providing insight into the acquisition, Steve Shilling, Founder and CEO of EDP Soccer explained: “EDP Soccer serves over 5,500 teams from New England to Florida with competitive opportunities in leagues, tournaments, and showcases. EDP Soccer’s mission is to support clubs, teams, and their players by providing appropriate levels and formats for competitive play. Currently, EDP Soccer focuses primarily on large venue tournaments and showcases. We want the ability to also provide smaller venue locations and formats to the youth soccer community. iSE does a great job in this area, so it made sense to have iSE join EDP Soccer.”

Stewart Smith, CEO of iSE, noted: “Everyone in the youth soccer community knows the high quality of EDP Soccer’s programming. When iSE was approached by EDP Soccer to provide complementary events to EDP Soccer’s tournaments and showcases, we thought it was a great opportunity to give clubs, teams, and players in the East Region a full range of competitive formats from which to select depending on the levels of play and the travel distances they want. By sharing best practices and logistical resources, EDP Soccer and iSE will offer the youth soccer community events year-round that are high quality, convenient, and appropriately competitive."

EDP Soccer provides approximately twenty tournaments and ten showcases a year, including regional showcases in support of the US Youth Soccer National League. iSE annually provides approximately twelve tournaments a year plus additional indoor events. Together EDP Soccer and iSE will be the largest youth soccer event provider in the East and one of the largest in the country.

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